Rebecca Keith Murder Mysteries

The second edition of The Popeye Murder and the second

 book in the series, A Royal Murder will be published by

 Wakefield Press and available in bookstores and as an

 ebook soon!

The Popeye Murder

Rebecca Keith is the editor of “Taste”, the food and wine supplement in Adelaide’s daily newspaper. 

Joining a throng of reporters and chefs aboard a local ferryboat called The Popeye to mark the launch of the Australian Food Festival, the gathered crowd is shocked when one of the city’s top chefs is found murdered in a macabre way. Rebecca and the other guests are immediately tagged as suspects to the crime, but in a strange twist of fate, Rebecca is also assigned by her newspaper to cover the murder. Faced with this strange ethical dilemma, she soon finds herself wrapped up in interviews and investigations that put her face-to-face with a host of suspects—and grave mortal danger.

For fans of Kerry Greenwood’s Phyrne Fisher Murder Series and Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and Poirot, The Popeye Murder: A Rebecca Keith Mystery is a lighthearted tale set against the backdrop of the quirky, yet rich culture of one of Australia’s most beloved coastal cities.

Front page feature in Life & Style, The Advertiser, November 2015

Article in SA Life December 2015

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